Student results will not show in the "View Diagnostic Results" section of the teacher dashboard until a diagnostic has been completed by the student.  

Diagnostic results are deleted if/when the teacher disables the diagnostic and creates a new diagnostic assessment.

If students are removed from a class section or are moved from one class section to another, their diagnostic results are automatically deleted because the diagnostic settings (ie, topics chosen) of one class section do not necessarily align with the settings/topics of a different class section.  Because of this, we cannot transfer one class sections' diagnostic results into the diagnostic results of a different class section. 

A student's answers to the diagnostic are saved after every five responses, so if a student loses internet access while taking the diagnostic, their previous work will have been saved, but if the connection were lost just prior to clicking the submit button at the end of the assessment, those results would not be recorded to the teacher's "View Diagnostic Results" page on the teacher dashboard due to the inability to connect to the server (but their work up to the point of disconnection would be saved).  Teachers should request that students log back into their accounts and click on the diagnostic again to see if that has been the case for any of them.  They can complete the remainder of the diagnostic in order for it to be submitted.